How to Use Pin Locks with Allen Key?

The Correct Way to Use Pin Locks with Allen Key

Step 1: Loosen the set screw in the pin lock with the included Allen wrench(The screw doesn't need to be completely screwed out), attach your pin to garment and lay the pin on a flat surface, with the pin facing up. Place the open end of the pin lock tube on the pin. At this point, the pin lock is standing on end, not laying on its side. Situate it so that it is straight and not leaning to either side.

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Step 2: Hold the pin in place with one hand while support the pin lock with your forefinger, and hold the allen key in the other hand. Carefully slide the long end of the tool through the screw hole in the side of the pin lock. Twist the tool clockwise to tighten the set screw.

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Step 3: Do this gently, without excess force. Twist only far enough to feel some tension. Pin keepers are threaded inside, and use those threads to hold on to your pin. If you twist too tightly, the screw thread probably will become stripped and the pin post will be bent.

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