How to Use Locking Pin Backs in The Best Way

Locking pin backs are essential accessories for anyone who collects or wears lapel pins. These small, inexpensive items are designed to prevent your valuable and cherished pins from falling off and getting lost. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of how to use locking pin backs in the best way.

How to Put on Locking Pin Backs?

Step 1: Remove the standard pin back

First, you need to remove the standard pin back from your enamel pin. This is the small metal piece that usually comes with your pin and slides onto the pin stem to hold it in place. Simply slide this piece off the pin stem and set it aside.

Step 2: Attach your enamel pin to garment.

Attach pin to garment

Step 3: Place the locking pin back on your pin and push down until you feel the “click”, this will cause the mechanism to snap shut, holding the pin stem firmly in place. You’ll feel and hear a small click when the mechanism locks into place.


Place the locking pin back on your pin

push down until it locks in place

how to use locking pin backs

Step 4: Double-check the security of the pin. Give the pin a gentle tug to make sure it's secure and to confirm that it's not going to slip off.

And that’s it! Your pin is now secured with a locking pin back and is less likely to fall off or get lost.


How to Remove Locking Pin Backs?

It is also easy, just squeeze-pull on the little disc on the back, then you can remove it from pin post.

How to remove/release locking pin back

How to remove/unlock locking pin back

How to remove locking pin backs



Using locking pin backs is a simple but effective way to keep your lapel pins safe and secure. By following these easy steps and tips, you can ensure that your pins stay in place and avoid losing them. Whether you’re a collector or just like wearing lapel pins regularly, investing in locking pin backs is definitely worth it.


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