How to Keep Pins From Falling Off

How to Keep Pins From Falling Off 


Lapel pins have been historically worn on garments as an ornament or a symbol of organizational affiliation. They are popularly worn by both men and women to indicate membership and achievement in different organizations. They have both cultural and organizational significance, and people attach a range of values to it. 

lHow to Keep Pins From Falling Off

But wearing this honorable and ornamental pin presents an irritating problem; they keep falling off from the clothing they are pinned to. No matter how much people try to flaunt them on jackets, suits, ties, and bags, they keep falling off and eventually get lost. That hurts people the most because getting a replacement for the ornamental symbol might involve a huge price. 


How to prevent lapel pins from going Awol? 


The main cause behind your lapel pins' disobedience is the pin back that securing it to your clothing. Most lapel pins come with standard rubber or butterfly clasps today, but the most effective way to keep your pins from falling off is by using locking pin backs; there are mainly two types of locking pin backs on the market:


The first type which also called deluxe clutches is metal lock that come in a few different shapes. They use a relative secure pin locking mechanism compared with the standard clutch. They are not easy to remove due to the built-in locking device. As these are not standard options, you have to buy them separately from stores. 


The second type is the pin locks with Alleny key, this type of locking backs absolutely is the most secure way to keep your pins from falling off, it uses an Allen wrench to tighten a set screw against the pin post so as to secure your pin on your garment; though it seems less convenient compared with the first type, but its security undoubtedly is better than the first type; if you want to put your pin somewhere that doesn't need to be removed frequently, it's an ideal choice to keep your pin in place.


The standard rubber pin backs or butterfly pin backs aren’t all that bad, but when it comes to the number of times they have fallen off of your pins, they definitely are not the first choice.  Although they come with the store-bought pins and can be safe to use, constant checking is required when utilizing them on lanyards or shirts. Once you feel the back's holding are not as tight as before, you need to change them in time to new ones to keep your pins from falling off.



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